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Foot Orthotics

When feet have problems....They prevent you from being well !!!!


The total pedal foundation of the body is out of balance when:

Your feet pronate(ankles roll in), supinate(ankles roll out), have gaiting problems (walking incorrectly), Achiles heel cord appears bent, collapsed arch, too high an arch, Morton's toe (great toe appears shorter than next), bunions and many other conditions may cause this.

This is most often observed in the wear marks on the soles of older shoes.

Imbalance in these areas lead to problems in the rest of the body by creating a stress on the ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, lower back, mid back, and even your neck and shoulder joints and their articulations. This can affect the total health(not just the bony structure) of the body including the organs.

We recommend orthotics for the feet when these conditions exist and they are affecting the structural balance of the spine. The orthotics we recommend are varied and depend on many factors. We often custom make them here or cast/foam and work with a podiatry laboratory for design and construction.

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